Pető Zsolt meteoros blogja
Aktív rajok (2018.06.21.)
Északi Júniusi Aquilidák (NZC)
Aktivitás: 06.10.* - 06.24.*
Maximum: 06.17. (298°,-7°)
ZHR: <2
v = 36 km/s
Epszilon Perseidák (EPR)
Aktivitás: 06.20.* - 07.04.*
Maximum: 06.27. (58°,38°)
ZHR: ?
v = 45 km/s
Feltételezett rajok (2018.06.21.)
Júniusi Lyridák (JLY)
Maximum: 06.16. (280°,55°)
v = 33 km/s
Déli Szigma Sagittaridák (SSS)
Maximum: 06.18. (279°,-25°)
v = 29 km/s
Delta Piscids (DPI)
Maximum: 06.23. (11°,6°)
v = 70 km/s
Északi Szigma Sagittaridák (NSS)
Maximum: 06.24. (293°,-14°)
v = 23 km/s
Dzéta Eridanidák (ZER)
Maximum: 06.25. (51°,-4°)
v = 51 km/s
Kappa Cetidák (KCT)
Maximum: 06.26. (51°,5°)
v = 29 km/s
Scutidák (SCU)
Maximum: 06.27. (282°,1°)
v = 19 km/s
Pi Cetidák (CET)
Maximum: 06.27. (24°,-12°)
v = 67 km/s
MetVis meteor software

MetVis is my self developed software written in C# for the Microsoft .NET framework. Its goal is to vizualize meteors observed by video cameras mainly. The development is continuous, but this initial release is able to draw images, illustrations or if you suspect a new shower and have meteor data, you can check it visually with this software.

The MetVis software is abolutely free!

Although I tried to use the safest methods, I don't take responsibility in any case for data loss or damage related to or caused by the software! Use at your own risk! By downloading the software you agree these rules!

Download MetVis 1.0.4.
File Size: 769348 byte

No installation needed! Simply copy the content of the package into a folder. If there is no MS .NET framework installed on your computer you can download it for free:

I would like to say thanks to:

  • Szilárd Csizmadia, astronomer (VCSE) for his ideas and valuable advice
  • Zsolt Perkó and Attila Gazdag for the data of HUBEC meteor camera (NAE)
  • Hungarian meteor observers, photographers, camera owners for the inspiration :)
  • Jakub Koukal for the UFO meteor observation files
  • ic#code team for the fantastic SharpDevelop developing software

Some of the future planned developments:

  • Handling radiants
  • Statistical calculations
  • Real time camera data visualization
  • Multilanguage support

Screenshots from version 1.0.4.

Screenshots from version 1.0.3.

Screenshots from version 1.0.2.

Screenshots from version 1.0.0.